Spring Cleaning!

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Let’s take the Spring Cleaning outside…first we’ll have to clean all the yellow dust off of everything! The Oaks and Pines are pollinating our cars, decks, patios, and outdoor furniture. It is time to think about sprucing up the Mulch or adding Pineneedles. Make sure to tuck the Pineneedles and sweep them off the plants to create a professionally finished look. Also take a look at your bed edges and re-edge to help grass from creeping into your landscape beds.

Your Winter Annuals will start declining soon…remember they love the cold and with these warm temps they will not survive for long. Spring/Summer Annuals are about ready for planting. It is also a good time to look at Perennials which will come back year after year.

And don’t forget about watering…Irrigation Systems need to be turned on and checked for leaks. Consider upgrading to Smart Irrigation technology which will save you time and money. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, consider installing one this Spring!

Need help with your landscape, adding a fire pit, patio, water feature, or planting some trees, we are only a phone call or click away. Remember, inviting one of our team members to evaluate your yard or business is no cost or obligation – just free advice!

Today is the first day of Spring!

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Ahh…Spring, pretty flowers blooming in your landscape, longer days, warmer weather…most of us here in the Carolinas await Spring like a child looking forward to a birthday! More time to spend outdoors on your patio, beside the fire pit, or relaxing in your hammock. For some of us we are excited about planting annuals, mulching beds and pruning shrubs. It’s also time to fire up the lawn mower and get ready for the sweet smell of freshly cut grass!

Shade Trees are a great addition to your landscape and Spring is an ideal time to plant trees.

Need help maintaining your lawn, adding a hardscape feature, planting some trees for shade or a complete renovation of your landscape, we are only a phone call or click away. Remember, inviting one of our team members to evaluate your yard or business is no cost and no obligation – just free advice!

Irrigation Start Up

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As the flowers are starting to bloom and your landscape is waking up from Winter, it is time to begin planning your Irrigation start up. Your landscape will thank you. Just be careful to keep an eye on the temperature. As you know if you have lived in the Carolinas any length of time, we could still have some very cold nights. For assistance with starting up your Irrigation System, give us a call. Remember we offer free consultation at your home or business!

I would also like to talk to you about Smart Irrigation. You probably have a smart phone, a smart car, a smart TV and perhaps a smart house! Smart Irrigation works in similar ways…rain sensors can detect the amount of rainfall and shut the system off when needed and smart controllers can automatically adjust the watering times. This new technology is a great water saving tool that will maximize the efficiency of your Irrigation System, help beautify your landscape, and save you money.

To learn more about Smart Irrigation, invite one of our team members to come walk your property. No cost or obligation – just free advice and a little exercise!

We are only a phone call or a click away!

Spring is just around the corner!

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Spring is approaching…It is time to do your planning. Do you want a new patio or fire pit? How about a flowering tree or some new perennials or annual flowers? The possibilities are endless! Call or message us if you would like a free consultation!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hope everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day today…remember your loved ones!

Happy Ground Hog Day!

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Well, the groundhog officially did not see his shadow! According to the legend, we are in for an early spring…

As you know here in the Carolinas, we can have 80 degree weather in February or it could snow. The best part – just wait and the weather will change! Don’t you just love living in this region? I know I do! With its beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine, no wonder James Taylor is “goin’ to Carolina”.

In the meantime, it is time to start thinking about weeds, yes I said weeds. Pre-emergents can prevent weeds from taking over and now is the time to put this on your schedule. However, if you plan to seed or over-seed your lawn this Spring, do not use pre-emergent because it will not let the seed germinate.

Call us if you need any assistance with your landscape needs!

Cold Weather this week in the Carolinas

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The weatherman here in Charlotte is saying that it will be 19 degrees Wednesday morning. If you have sensitive plants such as Gardenias, Annuals, or specialty plants…you should cover them up Tuesday evening and remove Wednesday. Call us 704-882-5550 if you have any questions!

Happy New Year!

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As we welcome in 2013, some of us start new traditions, make New Year’s resolutions, and set goals for the upcoming year. Whatever your priorities are for 2013, don’t forget that here in the Carolinas your landscaping needs attention all year round. It is January and the weatherman is predicting 75 degree weather for this weekend, but just wait, next week we will have freezing temps. If you have been in the South for any length of time, you will know this is normal for the Charlotte metro area!

Get out in your yard while you still can, pull weeds, prune, edge your beds, put out mulch – or just relax on your patio and enjoy the beautiful weather. This kind of weather is a perfect time to use your outdoor fireplace or fire pit as the evenings will be cool. If you have Bermuda Grass, it is the perfect time to spray the weeds in your yard. They will be obvious, the Bermuda is dormant and the weeds are the only thing green that is showing up in your lawn. Killing the weeds now, will not hurt your Bermuda Grass.

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with any aspect of your landscape needs.

New Location

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We are pleased to announce that we have a new office – 3551 Hwy 51, Fort Mill, SC. Our contact numbers have not changed, but we did add a SC phone number 803-802-0822. We will continue to serve our current landscape and maintenance customers and hope to add some new customers to our family! Please don’t hesitate to call or message us with any questions you may have. Let us take your dream and design, build and maintain the reality!

Plant a tree today!

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Research results provide evidence that trees may help to reduce social problems. Investigators found that trees draw people out of their homes and foster socialization among neighbors. Google “The Power of Trees” by Tina Prow to see more about this research. Not only do trees and landscape help improve your property value, but it is also helps us be happier people! What are you waiting for? Plant a tree today!