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Happy Ground Hog Day!

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Well, the groundhog officially did not see his shadow! According to the legend, we are in for an early spring…

As you know here in the Carolinas, we can have 80 degree weather in February or it could snow. The best part – just wait and the weather will change! Don’t you just love living in this region? I know I do! With its beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine, no wonder James Taylor is “goin’ to Carolina”.

In the meantime, it is time to start thinking about weeds, yes I said weeds. Pre-emergents can prevent weeds from taking over and now is the time to put this on your schedule. However, if you plan to seed or over-seed your lawn this Spring, do not use pre-emergent because it will not let the seed germinate.

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Cold Weather this week in the Carolinas

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The weatherman here in Charlotte is saying that it will be 19 degrees Wednesday morning. If you have sensitive plants such as Gardenias, Annuals, or specialty plants…you should cover them up Tuesday evening and remove Wednesday. Call us 704-882-5550 if you have any questions!

Happy New Year!

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As we welcome in 2013, some of us start new traditions, make New Year’s resolutions, and set goals for the upcoming year. Whatever your priorities are for 2013, don’t forget that here in the Carolinas your landscaping needs attention all year round. It is January and the weatherman is predicting 75 degree weather for this weekend, but just wait, next week we will have freezing temps. If you have been in the South for any length of time, you will know this is normal for the Charlotte metro area!

Get out in your yard while you still can, pull weeds, prune, edge your beds, put out mulch – or just relax on your patio and enjoy the beautiful weather. This kind of weather is a perfect time to use your outdoor fireplace or fire pit as the evenings will be cool. If you have Bermuda Grass, it is the perfect time to spray the weeds in your yard. They will be obvious, the Bermuda is dormant and the weeds are the only thing green that is showing up in your lawn. Killing the weeds now, will not hurt your Bermuda Grass.

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Plant a tree today!

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Research results provide evidence that trees may help to reduce social problems. Investigators found that trees draw people out of their homes and foster socialization among neighbors. Google “The Power of Trees” by Tina Prow to see more about this research. Not only do trees and landscape help improve your property value, but it is also helps us be happier people! What are you waiting for? Plant a tree today!

Labor Day Landscape

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paver patio with seat wall around pool landscape charlotte, nc

Labor Day Outdoor Living

School is getting ready to start and Labor Day is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your yard ready for the Labor Day festivities.  Do you need to expand your outdoor living space? Perhaps, adding hardscape like a paver patio with a seat wall… or an outdoor kitchen…or a makeover of your existing landscape.

You would be amazed at how a few simple touches can make a world of difference…

You would be amazed at how a few simple touches can make a world of difference…a fresh application of Pineneedles or Hardwood Mulch, defined bed edges, sidewalks and driveway edged, and the pruning of dead or unruly shrubs. A small amount of work can go along way in defining your landscape.

A variety of perennials are blooming now, try adding them to spruce up your Summer landscape. Summer grasses are an eye catching addition to any landscape. There are also a few Summer blooming shrubs as well that will stay green throughout the Winter months. Try planting Butterfly Bush, Gardenias, or Verbena…these are only a few of the many plants that will add color to your Summer landscape.

Don’t let the heat of the Summer scare you away from adding plants to your landscape. Container trees and shrubs are kept under irrigation at the nursery and will thrive when put in the ground. Simply keep a check on the amount of water your new plants are getting and water as necessary. Trees which are balled and burlap and already dug are ready to plant anytime of the year. In ground trees will require a larger root ball if dug in the Summer…the only disadvantage to this is the weight of the tree will be much greater due to the size of the root ball.

Landscaping is a year round activity here in the South. Just don’t forget some plants need compost added to the bed prior to planting and NEVER forget to mulch. Not only does mulching enhance the plants in your yard, but it helps control weeds and helps retain nutrients and moisture.