Happy New Year!

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As we welcome in 2013, some of us start new traditions, make New Year’s resolutions, and set goals for the upcoming year. Whatever your priorities are for 2013, don’t forget that here in the Carolinas your landscaping needs attention all year round. It is January and the weatherman is predicting 75 degree weather for this weekend, but just wait, next week we will have freezing temps. If you have been in the South for any length of time, you will know this is normal for the Charlotte metro area!

Get out in your yard while you still can, pull weeds, prune, edge your beds, put out mulch – or just relax on your patio and enjoy the beautiful weather. This kind of weather is a perfect time to use your outdoor fireplace or fire pit as the evenings will be cool. If you have Bermuda Grass, it is the perfect time to spray the weeds in your yard. They will be obvious, the Bermuda is dormant and the weeds are the only thing green that is showing up in your lawn. Killing the weeds now, will not hurt your Bermuda Grass.

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