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Landscaping services in Charlotte NC

The biggest investment you’ll make in life is your home and the land it sits on. Your landscape includes your house and it’s your first impression to the outside world. Your home was designed to serve the purpose of your family, a place to eat and sleep and provide shelter and safety. Your landscape needs purpose as well. Architecture is based on a simple philosophy, form follows function. This holds true for landscape design as well. That is to say, the form your landscape will take will depend on the purpose it serves, and that form can be a fantastic piece of art.

Great landscaping design takes all things into consideration. Your purpose, cost, lifestyle, personality, maintenance and resale value are just a few things that need to be considered in the design process. The kids will also have an impact on your design as well as the family pet. Plants should be chosen carefully too, the right plant in the right place is always good advice so you better know your plants. Hardscape design has become quite the challenge recently. As the trend of outdoor living continues to grow, so does the complexity of their form and functions. From an outdoor kitchen with a wet bar adjacent to your pool to an outdoor entertainment pavillion complete with flat panel television and fireplace. The hidden details of running electric, gas, wiring, irrigation and the like can be confusing to say the least.

Whatever your landscaping purpose is, from the typical low maintenance, colorful landscape design to the complex pool, patio and outdoor kitchen design, they should all follow the same key design elements. Form follows function and the form it takes could be your homes work of art. Here at Skyline Design and Landscape we stay true to our clients purpose. Our landscaping designs achieve harmony with the surroundings by maintaining scale, color and texture. Our designs incorporate many methods and materials to provide you the best, most cost effective design while still fulfilling the purpose of our clients. The art that can be your homes landscape all starts with great design and that design can be found at Skyline Design and Landscape here in Charlotte North Carolina.